Refections of the last 36 years..

4 06 2013

Today I turn 36. Another year stronger and more appreciative of the awe inspiring happenings of life and those around me. I’ve learned some lessons along my path, and I am writing them down with the hopes that you, my dear reader, enjoy and consider what I have picked up along the way.

  • When life knocks you down, get back up and tell life it hits like a bitch..
  • Mr. Yuck means poison
  • Starbucks every morning is crazy,
    there a perfectly good coffee machine at work.
  • Friends will empathize when you cry, true friends allow you to cry on their shoulder
  • Kidney Beans taste great in anything
  • Dogs love you their entire lives – unconditionally.
  • Standing up for yourself is good, standing up for those who cant stand up for themselves is greater
  • Justice is blind, but still has pockets
  • Try to eliminate hate from your life. Reserve it for murderers, rapists, divorce attorneys and ex-spouses
  • Be silly – its fun!!
  • Karaoke will cure stage fright
  • Respect shouldn’t be blindly given, only earned
  • Celebrate your Birthday, you only have a limited number
  • Fencing is fun
  • Acting!!!!
  • Mental patients are awesome people!
  • Mental patients singing christian karaoke – not so awesome
  • Failing at something is ok
  • Not all children are cute
  • If something has 5 screws come out, chances are those 5 screws need to go back in
  • Always rename files, never delete
  • Don’t confuse lust for love
  • Being alone doesnt mean you’re lonely
  • You aren’t your fucking khakis!
  • Don’t Gargle with Rubbing Alcohol
  • Masturbation is healthy and fun!
  • Enjoy you’re mental breakdown
  • Rebel against authority (even if it as insignificant as wearing completely different socks at work)
  • Reconnect with the “black sheep” of your family – they have the best stories
  • Watching the reactions to fireworks on a 9 year olds face is magical
  • Catch lightning bugs, but always let them go
  • Always take a whistle hiking
  • Radical Honesty works – that way you don’t waste you’re time trying to remember the lies you told.
  • The latest and greatest gadget will be next years landfill.

Hope you learned something!!!



One response

4 06 2013

This is awesome. Happy birthday!

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