Kicking Effexor in the Teeth…

27 06 2013

Since Monday (6/24/13) I have been completely off of Effexor.  Its been rough, but I’m not letting the withdrawl get to me.  I”ve been a slave to it long enough – so fuck Effexor.



Fuck You Effexor

Fuck you for dulling my pain when I needed it
Fuck you for dulling my happiness when I wanted it
Fuck you for dulling my sadness when I craved it
Fuck you for dulling every fucking emotion that I have had for the last 7 years
I’ve slipped through your icy grip and I’m kicking in your teeth
You can’t dull the rage I feel for you

Not wanting to kill yourself does not equate to living.  

On Effexor, I was simply existing.  I wasn’t alive, just breathing.