Reflections on 36…

3 06 2014


Today (6/03/14) is the last day I will be a 36 year old man.  I felt it appropriate to reflect on how “Toohey 36” was in general and how “Toohey 37” will be awesome.  Here are just some of the things I have figured out..

  • NC DMV does not fuck around when it comes to fucking things up
  • Pickles are great for dehydration (and hangovers)
  • Fighting about android vs iPhone is silly
  • Embrace the people that come into your life, even if it is only for 2 weekends out of the year and keep in touch
  • Jameson and McDonald’s Big Macs do not go together
  • Embrace my friends and keep them close
  • Life isn’t guaranteed, and neither is love
  • Karaoke soothes the savage beast
  • Karaoke plus alchohol generally makes a lot of noise and eventually pisses the savage beast off to the point of him leaving and finding another bar
  • Sunscreen before alcohol = better sunscreen coverage
  • Sunscreen after alcohol = sunburns in weird places
  • Clown noses on boobs are a beautiful thing
  • Spending time with a great friend convincing people to put clown noses on boobs = genius in the making
  • It is ok to hurt, but striking out at someone because they hurt you isn’t very cool
  • Charlie likes cat food way too much
  • The match isn’t over until the 8 ball drops (or you scratch on the 8)
  • I may not win many pool matches, but I’m getting better every game
  • Avoid the “Poisoned Pill”
  • Laughing beats crying every time – both are important, but this is critical when trying on pants or swimwear
  • Laugh off the pain, make pain your bitch
  • Judgements = just don’t do them.  People will surprise you if you give them a chance
  • I saved my sister’s life by telling her to use the flashlight app on her phone – yeah, I’m a hero
  • Fuck negativity, you have a limited amount of hours on the planet and you need to make them count
  • My family is amazing, and I need to tell them that more
  • I’m proud of my mom, she is one hell of a woman!
  • My coworkers rock, and put up with a lot of my shit


I’m still here, still breathing and living



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