Good Hustle!

8 10 2013

Schools have a way of torturing their non-athletic, clumsy, geeky students.  Its called “Gym” and for someone who is non-athletic, clumsy and geeky it was the longest part of my day.   I didn’t particularly care for gym and would come up with any and all excuses to get out of participating.  As I look at my barely used gym membership, I realize that the habit of excuse making has stuck with me since my youth…

I don’t know very much about sports.  What I know about football, I learned at Superbowl Parties.  My in depth knowledge of baseball comes from playing Nintendo Baseball and watching “Major League”.  Thank goodness for “Teenwolf” or I wouldn’t know a thing about Basketball…

With qualifications like these, obviously I would want to coach my department’s co-ed kickball team.  Just hand me a whistle and a clipboard and point me to the field!


Sure enough, I (along with a co-worker) formed my department’s co-ed kickball team and it has been non-stop fun ever since!  Had I known team sports were this much fun, I may have played some in school!

I was kinda nervous at first.  The first challenge I ran into was finding a place for the team to practice.  After searching high and low, we finally settled on the little park across from the office.  The next challenge was figuring out how to actually practice for kickball.  How does one run “drills”?   More Importantly, “How do I look like I know what I am doing?? At least I have a whistle and clipboard”

I tried to apply what I learned from all the great coaches that saw in movies.  I re-watched “Dodgeball” and “A League of Their Own”.  I had to remind myself that we were playing kickball, so throwing wrenches at my players got removed from the skills and drills list (maybe next year).  I applied the coach wisdom I obtained with phrases like “good hustle” and “call it if it comes to you”.  Surprisingly, I feel like a coach!!!

Our first game was last Thursday night.  It was great to see the whole team in action.  We call ourselves the Ballbarianz and we decided to apply some warpaint for the occasion.  By going with the whole “Braveheart” theme, I also wore my kilt (it felt weird because I was told I had to wear underwear). The ref explained the rules (thank goodness) and I learned more about scoring.  We won 7 – 0 and I’m proud they kicked serious ass!

1376327_451294581650044_1850044798_n (1)

I’m already looking forward to the next game!!!!  I would have never thought that I would have had this much fun.  Competitive sports always seemed silly to me, but I’m hooked!!  I don’t see myself joining a lacrosse team or signing up for rugby anytime soon . Kickball is fast paced enough for me, for now 🙂

2 for 1 Deal on Happy Posts…

8 10 2013

After my last post “Fat Bottomed Girls… (or finding my soul at Karaoke)” I decided to re-read the rest of my posts to see how I have been progressing after the “Big D”.

I didn’t just read the posts I have posted, but also the ones I had in my Drafts folder, and I came to a conclusion.  I need to seriously get happier.

I’ve known this for awhile, but going through and reading my past thoughts basically put the nail in the coffin of negativity.  I’m not moving forward with my life if I am still stuck in the mud of my past.

So lets assess what I have going for me:

  • I’m relatively healthy – (36 nonsmoker)
  • I’m single (and ready to mingle!)
  • I live in a fantastic city – (Charlotte, NC)
  • I have great people in my life!!  Some of the best family and friends anyone could ask for!!!
  • I “feel” happier and ready to move forward

It is so easy for me to get lost in the “poor me” posts!  Where is the challenge?  How does one progress at anything if they aren’t faced with challenges?  I don’t always take the easy way out!

So here is the deal!  For every negative, mopey, bitchy post I write – I am going to force myself to write 2 upbeat, positive posts.

Starting Now!!


Refections of the last 36 years..

4 06 2013

Today I turn 36. Another year stronger and more appreciative of the awe inspiring happenings of life and those around me. I’ve learned some lessons along my path, and I am writing them down with the hopes that you, my dear reader, enjoy and consider what I have picked up along the way.

  • When life knocks you down, get back up and tell life it hits like a bitch..
  • Mr. Yuck means poison
  • Starbucks every morning is crazy,
    there a perfectly good coffee machine at work.
  • Friends will empathize when you cry, true friends allow you to cry on their shoulder
  • Kidney Beans taste great in anything
  • Dogs love you their entire lives – unconditionally.
  • Standing up for yourself is good, standing up for those who cant stand up for themselves is greater
  • Justice is blind, but still has pockets
  • Try to eliminate hate from your life. Reserve it for murderers, rapists, divorce attorneys and ex-spouses
  • Be silly – its fun!!
  • Karaoke will cure stage fright
  • Respect shouldn’t be blindly given, only earned
  • Celebrate your Birthday, you only have a limited number
  • Fencing is fun
  • Acting!!!!
  • Mental patients are awesome people!
  • Mental patients singing christian karaoke – not so awesome
  • Failing at something is ok
  • Not all children are cute
  • If something has 5 screws come out, chances are those 5 screws need to go back in
  • Always rename files, never delete
  • Don’t confuse lust for love
  • Being alone doesnt mean you’re lonely
  • You aren’t your fucking khakis!
  • Don’t Gargle with Rubbing Alcohol
  • Masturbation is healthy and fun!
  • Enjoy you’re mental breakdown
  • Rebel against authority (even if it as insignificant as wearing completely different socks at work)
  • Reconnect with the “black sheep” of your family – they have the best stories
  • Watching the reactions to fireworks on a 9 year olds face is magical
  • Catch lightning bugs, but always let them go
  • Always take a whistle hiking
  • Radical Honesty works – that way you don’t waste you’re time trying to remember the lies you told.
  • The latest and greatest gadget will be next years landfill.

Hope you learned something!!!