If the nose knows…. (or my upcoming surgery)

12 06 2013

For all my life, I have been a nose whistler.  I’ve been so desensitized to it that when someone brings it to my attention, I am normally shocked.   Then I will hear absolutely nothing but the dreaded whistle for days.  This time I did something about it.  I saw my Doctor.  I have wanted to get some nasal surgery done for a long time, but when you are married it seems that I was making medical decisions by committee.  So now that I was able to make my own decisions, and I wanted to get things fixed.

I figured I had my mental issues under control, so now it is time to focus on my body.  The first thing I needed to do was figure out exactly where my energy was going.  I was getting tired very easily.  Breathing was draining me of my energy.  My body was working so hard to get oxygen that it was exhausting me.  Before I could loose weight and exercise, I need to start at the basics.

Here is the inside of your typical skull…



Here is mine…




  • The red illustrates a large polyp that has actually shifted my septum to the right.
  • The blue illustrates my septum
  • The green illustrates another polyp that has formed.

All together, the whole mess is so compacted that I get very little airflow.  The plan is to go in, remove the polyps, straighten the septum and remove my tonsils and adenoids.  I’m very excited!!  To think that I will have energy again!!  Surgery is scheduled for July 11th.  It will be an overnight procedure, so I will be staying in the hospital.

After this surgery, I will be starting with a trainer to help me get in shape.  Life is going so well!!!!





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