Karaoke soothes the savage beast…

6 06 2013

Some people think its lame, but I love karaoke. The opportunity to go in front of an audience and belt out whatever tune I want makes my life really easy. I may not be any good (I haven’t cleared out the bar or made someone bleed from the ears) but I do love performing. I always have loved performing. When I was young, I wanted to be an actor. I wanted to do theatre, to see my name in lights. For now, I’ll stick with karaoke.

Nothing gives me more of a rush like being in front of a full bar and belting my heart out. For that brief instant, I’m on the top of the world. When life gets tough, I know there will always be karaoke. Its the small wins that make life great. The “2 candy bar drop outta the snack machine when you only pay for one” moments.

People need to be reminded that life is good. With all the war, disease, unemployment going on in the world – we need something to bring us together. Karaoke may be the answer. Maybe we can use it to bring together peacefully. Like any good visionary, I have a plan to do just this.

At the next United Nations meeting, instead of the typical meetings and gavel pounding, we put in a world class karaoke machine. Bring in a couple of kegs and some chicken wings (no pork or beef) and let these world leaders have some fun together.

I have made some of my best friendships during karaoke. Hell, maybe its time to use its mystical musical power for more than mere bar entertainment.



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