Time flies when you are having fun…

21 10 2015

I’m going to admit to you my favorite reader.  I have a problem.  Acknowledging the problem is normally the first step in solving the problem.  So here goes.  I’m a terrible blogger.

I know, some of you may think I have been a little too hard on myself – but its true.  I’ve neglected “Toohey Reloaded” for far too long.  Its been well over a year since my last update.  I’ve been busy.  I’ve been having fun.  Unfortunately, those are lame excuses and I beg your forgiveness.

So what have I been up too you may ask?  Well, life.  I’ve been busy.  Here are just a few things that are off the top of my head (in no particular order).

I met Bernie Sanders at a Rally in South Carolina!!

Bernie Sanders and me!


Had a Great Birthday!


Happy Birthday to Me!!! (Thanks Michelle!!)

Visited the West Coast (San Francisco!!)


Liza is ready to toss me out of the Coit Tower


Awesome friends, awesome bar, one of my favorite memories of San Fransisco


Dipping my toes in the Pacific Ocean…


Don’t worry, I got this…

Caught Weird Al’s Encore in Albany


Made it from Claryville to Albany in an hour and a half! Just in time to catch his Encore!

Spent Some time at the Johnny Cash Museum in Nashville


Spent time in the Johnny Cash Museum while in Nashville for the Taste of Tennessee Wine Festival

Went on an EPIC Zombie Crawl


Probably one of my favorite events of 2014. This Bar Crawl was so much fun we added Lucky Lou’s to it. We were pretty blitzed when we showed up…


How many drinks have I had B?


We survived the night!!! But who wrote on my chest??

I may have added some features to my body…

Can't go wrong with Hunter!

Can’t go wrong with Hunter!

Yep - Branded with Burning Man right above my heart!

Branded with Burning Man right above my heart!

Dont forget spending time with friends..


Another relaxing day by Katie’s Pool

Morgan and Try (one of our many adventures)

Morgan and Try (one of our adventures)


PDF Fall 2015 – Some of Camp Sexy and Cracker Jack’s Booty Camp


Dove and Pocket Laura


PDF Fall 2015 – Justice League… erg… Legion of Doom… erg… these guys..


PDF Fall 2015 – Backfield Crew (parkers and greeters getting along)


PDF Fall 2015 – Mnah Mnah… doo doo doo doo doo…


PDF Fall 2015 – Jenny and Deb


Lunch with Hana (Missed you at PDF!!!)


PDF Spring 2015 – Hotdog!!


Karnak and Jenny molesting a statue of Eleanor Roosevelt on the Ronald Reagan Washington DC tour…


Portal 2015 – Claire!!!

Spring PDF 2015 - Parking Crew Assemble!!

Spring PDF 2015 – Parking Crew Assemble!!

So, yeah.  I’ve been having fun.  My life is a blast and I have wonderful people in it.  For a long time I didn’t think I could be this happy and I’m really glad to have been proven wrong. 🙂

So until next time!!  Have a blast!!

So until next time!! Have a blast!!